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The application process

applicationSo you’ve decided you want to rent a home from Leasing Texas and you’ve found the perfect house for your needs. It’s the perfect price range, location, schools and near everything important to you. You must have it but you are a little nervous about the application process.

First things first. Call the listing agent and schedule a viewing. Be honest with the agent about your situation so he or she can guide you in the right direction with your expectations.

Secondly, read over our general Qualifying criteria and determine if you qualify. If you don’t think you do, talk to the agent.

Third, fill out the application completely without leaving one detail omitted. Prepare to send a copy of your government issued ID, pay stubs and an explanation of anything a landlord may find questionable on your credit or background checks and pay your application fee.

Leasing Texas works quickly to process the application including credit, criminal, rental history and employment history background checks. Once all information is compiled, we may contact you for further questions and then be able to move forward with sending the information to the landlord. If additional information is needed, it’s always best to be honest and work to send the information as quickly as possible.

Once the landlord as reviewed, they will make a decision. This typically happens within 24 hours or less.

If your application is approved, you will receive an electronic copy of the lease to sign and will need to pay your security deposit within 48 hours; otherwise, we cannot hold the property for you.

Leasing Texas prepares for your move in day and will schedule for a move in walk through.

To summarize the application process:

  1. look at the property
  2. determine if you meet our general qualifying criteria
  3. fill out the application
  4. send in required documentation
  5. pay application fee
  6. get approved
  7. pay deposit and sign the lease

Don’t be nervous; it’s a very simple process. Here is a list of our general qualifying criteria

Qualifying criteria




Posted by: Leasing Texas on July 8, 2015
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