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How Are Repairs Handled?

repair_guyA common question is how are repairs handled?

When hiring a property manager, the second question is always “how are repairs handled?” (The first is “how much rent can I get?”).

When you hire Leasing Texas to manage your property, one part of your monthly management fee includes coordinating all repairs.

When a tenant calls in a repair, we will send out a dedicated member of our service team to assess the problem. If the repair is less than our specified amount to repair, we will authorize the repair and send you, the landlord, the receipt. If the repair is above a specified amount, we will contact you for authorization.

However, when your tenant calls in a repair request, we do everything in our power to talk them through resolving the issue. These items generally include how to unjamb a disposal, checking breakers, shutting off the water, etc. It is our goal to assist in the resolution of the repair or issue as quickly as possible, to not inconvenience the tenant and to save the landlord money when an issue can easily be resolved over the phone.

If the required repair is due to tenant or tenant’s guest negligence, the repair will be charged back to the tenant.

Posted by: Leasing Texas on July 8, 2015
Posted in: Landlords, Tenants