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If you need repairs


If you need repairs

If something is broke, you’ll definitely want it fixed. How should you handle repair requests?

  • Make sure you understand what the property owner is required to repair or maintain, and anything you may be required to pay for or fix.
  • Review the terms of your lease to see how repairs are addressed. Many leases require a written notice. Regardless, it is a good idea to make all repair requests with a written notice and keep a copy for your records.
  • The law requires in nearly every instance that the owner must repair security devices and conditions that materially affect the health and safety of the ordinary resident. You can be required to pay for the repair if it was caused by you, your occupants or guests.
  • Problems that merely cause discomfort or inconvenience are not covered by the statute but we encourage you to let us know about a potential problem so we may research our next course of action.

To report a maintenance issue to Leasing Texas, click here Maintenance Request

Posted by: Leasing Texas on December 1, 2014
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