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Is the landlord allowed to show my property whenever she wants?

Is the landlord allowed to show my property whenever she wants? | Advice for Consumers | Texas Association of REALTORS.


My lease is ending in two months, and my landlord put the property on the market. I don’t mind people visiting the property while I’m still living here, but a potential buyer and her agent came by last night at an inconvenient time for me. Can I ask the landlord to give me one day’s notice before the property is shown?

While you can ask the landlord for any special considerations you’d like, you should carefully read your leasing agreement to look for the terms regarding access.

If you signed a Texas Association of REALTORS® Residential Lease, you have agreed that the landlord or anyone authorized by the landlord will first attempt to contact you but may enter the property at reasonable times without notice to show the property to prospective tenants or buyers. If you refuse to provide access, you could be in default of your lease.

Make sure your landlord knows the best way to contact you, and let her know if there are time periods during which a showing would be convenient for you. Although this won’t guarantee that she will provide you the notice you desire, it may lead to a compromise that benefits everyone.

Posted by: Leasing Texas on November 17, 2014
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